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Aprils Farm opened in 2019. It is located at Green Lane Farm, near Andover, Hampshire. A care farm and day care centre, its aim is to provide a farm experience for people with additional needs.

Tasks involving animal care and farm work will help build self esteem. The farm also offers other activities such as arts and crafts, cooking and gardening. 

April's Farm is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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Visiting us

April’s farm is where people with additional needs can enjoy spending time in the company of animals. The farm allows visitors to have a close up interaction , in a safe environment. 

A visit can be for only two hours once a week or up to six hours and several times a week. It is open from 10am- 4pm. 

Prices start from £15 per hour. 

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Many parts of the farm are accessible for wheelchair users.  Our aim is to make the farm as inclusive as possible. Allowing people to enjoy interaction with animals who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

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Examples of people who may benefit from time at April’s Farm include those living with:

Dementia Alzheimer’s Autism Learning Difficulties Physical Disabilities Eating Disorders Depression Anxiety Downs Syndrome PTSD